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Natali is the largest private healthcare services company in Israel, with almost 30 years of experience generating in-depth knowhow, providing a large variety of services to the elderly population, Telecare and Tele-medicine services, as well as Emergency Medical Services and a division of healthcare services for schoolchildren. 

The services comprised of traditional services such as panic button and homecare services and of highly innovative solutions such as the latest launched solutions in the areas of Retirement Home solutions - Aging in Place and Smart Care solutions – Passive Monitoring and HD video medical consultation.


Natali utilizes in its operations a large variety of innovative devices and products  for conveying medical and non-medical information to the company's Call Center.

In Israel, Natali provides comprehensive cross-generational services, to young and old, nationwide and is a household name and enjoys strong customer’s loyalty for many years.
Based on Natali's knowhow and experience the company built a solid customer-centric business model that provide shareholders with increased value and enables the company to provide the best service.

Over the many years of working with healthcare experts and from the handling of hundreds of thousands of customer emergencies and saving many lives, Natali manage to creat a unique service and operational platform. This platform has enabled a greater flexibility and increased availability through an understanding of the growing needs and trends of the healthcare market.

Natali's experts recognize and leverage technological solutions that will compliment and enhance its services.

Natali's work methods keep a significant number of patients from unnecessary hospitalization.

More than  80% of diagnosed patients remain at home and the rest are being transferred or sent to hospital for further treatment.  This has helped many reduced hospitalization cost.

Natali provides services to a variety of customers: private subscribers, the public sector, private and public companies, and Insurance companies and institutions.


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Natali is a subsidiary of Sanpower Group, since 2014.


Sanpower Group is a conglomerate whose core business engagements are within the technology and modern service industries. Sanpower Group offers a singular global platform for its five primary subsidiary investment sector-groups: Finance, Retail, Information Services, Medical Service & Health Care, and Real Estate.

The Group owns a diverse portfolio of listed companies including Hiteker (600122.SH), Nanjing Cenbest (600682.SH), IDT International (0167.HK), Mecox Lane (NASDAQ:MCOX) as well as key privately held enterprises such as House of Fraser (UK), Brookstone (US), and Natali (Israel) and so on.

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