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Natali is the largest private healthcare services company in Israel, with almost 30 years of experience generating in-depth knowhow, providing a large variety of Tele-medicine and Telecare services, wide range of services to the elderly population, as well as Emergency Medical Services and a division of health care services for schoolchildren.

In Israel, Natali provides comprehensive cross-generational services, to young and old, nationwide, and is a household name and enjoys strong customer loyalty for many years.


Based on Natali's knowhow and experience the company has built a solid customer-centric business model that provide shareholders with increased value and enables the company to provide the best service.


Natali provides services to a variety of customers: private subscribers, the public sector, private and public companies, and Insurance companies and institutions.


Natali utilizes in its operations a large variety of innovative devices and products for conveying medical and non-medical information to the company's call center and medical call center. Natali's experts recognize and leverage technological solutions that will complement and enhance its services.

Over the many years of working with healthcare experts and from the handling of hundreds of thousands of customer emergencies and saving many lives, Natali manages to create a unique service and operational platform. This platform enables a greater flexibility and increased availability through an understanding of the growing needs and trends of the healthcare market.


Based on the many yeas of experience, Natali has the ability to perform as a turn-key integrator and provide comprehensive consulting services with further on-going support. Natali cooperates with the most innovative technological product companies from various fields – this is possible because of the nature of Natali – an expert integrator that is a service provider and operator in the Telehealth and Telecare sector. Our company's experience both in integration and service, acquired know-how and specific professional insights will significantly improve the new establishments' learning curve. The detailed protocols, guidelines and training on site in Natali facilities (both medical and non-medical) provided by Natali's professionals, will help to reduce the Time-to-Market of any project and minimize the risks during the first period of operation. 

Natali's capability of a "One Stop Shop" for Telemedicine and Telecare implementation lies in the experience gained through the 6 pillars of the eco-system:


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