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Medical call center

Medical call center (Enlarge)

The highly advanced Cardiac diagnosis center offers response to all your  problems 24 hours a day, throughout the year. The center is  manned by doctors specializing in  rendering tele-medical services: cardiac and emergency medicine diagnostic and counseling services.

The physician manages your medical history using a unique software that presents your  ECG transmissions, personal and family details ,emergency contact persons list, medical history, medications and sensitivities.

Every call to the medical center is kept on your medical file.

The subscriber communicate with the center using the Cardiophone - a personal EKG that when needed will transmit data of the subscriber's medical state. This data together with the subscriber's personal details, help the staff present him/her with the most appropriate
and quick service.

Natali’s physicians, who specialize in tele-medicine services, provide cardiac  and emergency medicine related diagnosis and counseling.

Patients and customers can also transmit tele-information concerning their condition to the diagnosis center.

Transmitting details to the medical call center is done through a variety of devices.


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 Mobile intensive care ambulances evacuation services

Natali operates mobile intensive care ambulances, fully equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and technology. 
Each ambulance is manned by three professional care-takers: a physician, a paramedic and a driver-medic.


Thanks to Natali's highly complex  call center, less than 16% of the calls requiredispatching a mobile intensive

care mbulance and out of them, 6% remain at home, while  only 10% are transferred to immediate care.
The necessary medical treatment is determined according to urgency of the situation and after proper diagnosis by the center.

Our Moto

The term "sanctity of life" may sound vague, but beyond the professionalism, dedication and swiftness of response, significant and imperative elements in this area, it  is what differs emergency medical services from other occupations. The uncompromising belief that a human life equals a whole universe is what drives us in Natali to reach further continuous improvements, to harness new technologies and improve services and to constantly check ourselves. For more informaion about Natali click here