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Customer service centers

Customer service centers
  Customer service call center:

Call center which provides information regarding services and payments.

The call center also provides personal attention concerning complaints and requests received from subscribers. 


  Technical department:
Technical call center which provides and coordinates assignments:
Installations, customer support and training, equipment maintenance, warranty and repairs.
After receiving assignments the call center dispatches Natali's professional technicians, spread nationwide, to subscribers' homes.


Our Moto

The term "sanctity of life" may sound vague, but beyond the professionalism, dedication and swiftness of response, significant and imperative elements in this area, it  is what differs emergency medical services from other occupations. The uncompromising belief that a human life equals a whole universe is what drives us in Natali to reach further continuous improvements, to harness new technologies and improve services and to constantly check ourselves. For more informaion about Natali click here