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Operational platforms

Natali offers a comprehensive, nationwide services umbrella for subscribers of all ages.

The company's services are based on a unique system of operational platforms created by Natali offering it greater flexibility and increased availability.


Medical call center  
 Operates 24/7, 365 days a  year
 Supervised by physicians who specialize in tele-medicine services
 Provides cardiac and emergency medical services, diagnosis and counseling
 The only center enabling direct doctor connection

Emergency call center  

 Operates 24/7 365 days a year by trained representatives
 Most advanced computing and communication system

 Detailed information regarding each subscriber
 Providing the most precise and exact services
Short response time
 Trained to assist the elderly in distress


Professional staff  

A team of professionals, spread nationwide, in a variety of specialties:

Medical professionals:



Communication clinicians

These professionals allow  Natali to execute national, professional projects.


Professional service providers:

 Alternative medicine (therapists, psychologists etc)

 Professional Feldenkrais, Yoga, T'ai Chi and Pilates instructors and more
 Social workers



Intensive care ambulances 

State of the art mobile intensive-care ambulances

Fully equipped with the most advanced medical equipment and technology

 Each ambulance is manned by three professional care-takers:


Customer service centers 

 Customer service call center: Call center which provides
   information regarding services and payments.
   The call center also provides personal attention concerning
   complaints and requests received from subscribers.
 Technical department:  
   Technical call center which provides and coordinates assignments:  

   Installations, customer support and training, equipment maintenance,   

   warranty and repairs.
   After receiving assignments the call center dispatches Natali's professional

   technicians, spread nationwide, to subscribers'  homes.