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Natali is launching its protected housing at home service, premium packages for members of the elderly public who have chosen to stay at home, a modular service package that includes: housekeeping services: cleaning, laundry, bedclothes changing, personal secretary services, housekeeper services, meals, medical services, safety sensors, social services. Initially, the services will be provided in the TEL AVIV metropolis and after the launch period the service will be offered with a greater outreach.


After 3 successful years, the healthcare service activity for schoolchildren is continuing to be a great success; Israel’s Ministry of Health has recently published results showing very high coverage rates and has expressed great satisfaction with the teams of the company. Schoolchildren healthcare services include: vaccinations, growth assessments and weighing, eye tests and medical consultations. The services are given by Natali’s Health Division through professionals from a wide range of disciplines.


Within the multigenerational revolution, Natali has started to market services to families of younger ages, which include: medical consultation by telephone, provided by specialist physicians, 24 hours a day, parental consultation and direction services related to raising children and parent-child relations. Natali has started online marketing through large customer clubs.