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“Who would believe that I would make it to the age of eighty”

“Who would believe that I would make it to the age of eighty” (Enlarge)

“Who would believe that I would make it to the age of eighty?”, my grandfather, who died about four years ago in his home at the age of 93 from malignant disease, once said to me. Until that moment, as his name suggested, he was “Eisen” (as strong as iron). He was sick and regularly took medication, but he was independent and took care each day to go out for a walk around the neighborhood in which he lived for fifty years. “Only at home, Chaimel”, was his unequivocal answer to my question of whether he would contemplate moving to a retirement home for Yiddish speakers. And it would seem that the account of my late grandfather is substantiated by surveys and studies that show that about 80% of the third age population prefer to stay and live at home.

It is not easy feat to pack 60 years of memories into a suitcase and move to a retirement home or protected housing.
Old age has many facets.

This is an increasing phenomenon in the population, owing to progress in medicine and refinements in the environment. The State of Israel is ranked within the global top five for life expectancy. Increasing life expectancy has added to the family cell another generation, and today you may find families in which four generations live together. Thirty years ago, anyone who was fortunate to have great grandparents was considered to be lucky. In Israel in 2013, one can find today many more great grandparents. Economically speaking, in the past, a person who reached the age of 80 would distribute his inheritance to his sons, but in today’s reality, the elderly individual must keep his savings for years close to his chest, because he cannot know for how long he will need them. Socially, throughout the aging period, the elderly individual feels that he is becoming a burden for his family, both in talks describing the everyday difficulty and requests for errands that his children must run for him. This feeling is uncomfortable and old age becomes difficult and unpleasant for him. If only it were possible to find solutions that would help him and his children, the elderly individual would have a  sense of relief and find more quality time to be a great grandfather as dreamed to be.

“Multigenerational household” is a term that has gained momentum in our lives and represents many rights alongside complex problems, some of which we at Natali study and analyze each day, in order to develop the solutions of the future in administering service to the elderly at home.


Home is the safest place for you
This is the principle that has guided us hear at Natali. Therefore we have developed a range of services that will be personalized for every grandparent wanting to continue to enjoy quality of life in their familiar surroundings.

Natali offers an opportunity to continue to enjoy independent life at home with one’s children and grandchildren with improved quality of life.

Today you no longer need to pawn all your savings to move to protected housing. You can stay at home and enjoy quality of life at a reasonable price.

This is a sustainable alternative to protected housing in its proposed format, which allows a routine, quality lifestyle on the one hand and on the other one that does not distance the customer from his home and family, allowing for continued functionality within the family cell and social life, and an inner and outer feeling of existential vitality.

The new service is a service of quality of life, personal, health and social security.

Protected housing at home
The services provided by Natali allow members of the third age to function routinely and normally without burdening or indebting their adult children on the one hand, while allowing them to continue to live their third age in familiar, supportive family and social surroundings.

The proposed service consists of:
• Housekeeping services
 Diverse medical services at home
 Security and assistance services
 Installation of sensors around the home for personal security
 Social activities
 Lifestyle and leisure services
 Natali offers a service that provides quality of life, personal, health and social security

The writer is Haim Cohen , VP Business Development of Natali Group