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"I admit that i couldn’t believe my eyes..."

To the CEO of Natali
I would like to share our experience from last weekend when we took a two day camping trip to the north. During the night, our seven year old daughter Noa began to feel sick, suffering from chills and nausea.
I was at wits' end, what can we do in the middle of the night 100 kilometers away from home?
My husband Idan had a brilliant idea and suggested that we use the medical services provided by our insurance company. We called our insurance company and learned that Natali is their medical services provider and I immediately wondered could it be the same Natali Company that vaccinated Noa at school?
Amazingly 40 minutes later a doctor arrived to the area and phoned us for directions to our tent site. I admit that I couldn’t believe my eyes; a doctor was treating Noa inside a tent in the middle of a nature reserve!!!!
The doctor calmed us down, left some medication to treat the nausea as well as a referral to the hospital just in case and then went on his way.
I would like to add that I also sent our insurance company a letter of appreciation praising Natali and thanking you for the extraordinary solution that allowed us to continue our trip the next day.