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Saved by three angels

About two weeks ago my husband woke up in the middle of the night complaining of chest pain and asked me to bring him the EKG device he received from you.  After guiding me on how to transmit the information to Natali, I immediately called your Call Center and sent you the EKG. In less than a minute a doctor was on the line and told me he wants to send a medical team to examine my husband.

I only grasped the severity of his condition after the medical team arrive (extremely fast I must say). Three angels in white arrived and immediately began connecting him to different medical equipment. On the ambulance ride they contacted the nearest hospital and updated them on his medical condition and their estimated time of arrival at the ER. While hearing them speaking to the hospital I understood how serious the condition is and started crying.

Today, two weeks after his hospitalization and a cardiac catheterization, we are finally going back home.

We are so happy and thankful that we are subscribed to your services. I don’t even want to think what could have happened without the calming assistance from the doctor in the Call Center and your magnificent team.

I finally understand what Natali really does.