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Our vision

Our vision

" ... Whoever saves one soul of Israel, it is as if he saved the whole world......" The uncompromising belief that one human life is worth the world, is what motivates the company to excellence in service and using  new technologies to improve customer service.

The company considers its employees as one of its major assets and full partners in  fulfilling its goals and vision.

As a company that promotes diversity, gender balance and inclusion, we have a diverse staff, each  contributing  color, voices, opinions as well as their  own unique capabilities, all for which they are greatly appreciated.

The warm, personal atmosphere as well as the close relationships between managers and employees and among themselves are continuously nurtured and maintained, even as the company grows, all as part of our generation-to-generation heritage and organizational culture.

We make sure to conduct an ongoing dialogue with our employees and invest a great deal of managerial energy in maintaining internal communication through various sources such as feedback channels, an intranet portal etc.