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Day centers

Many independent elderly individuals find themselves alone for a large portion of their time and seeking solutions to pass the time more pleasantly.

For this purpose, day centers are to be opened to form a social focus point and to provide a range of comprehensive services that will provide a solution to the needs of the elderly, and provide safety and peace of mind to family members who know that their loved ones are in responsible hands.
The center is to operate until the afternoon, at which time the elderly visitor may return home and to his family.


The services will provide:

 A social solution-
  A place to which elderly people can go in the morning hours to meet old and new friends, where they can

  develop new skills, such as board games, workshops for stress relief, memory development and retention

  through software, joint and separate sporting activities.


 Medical and paramedical solution
  At the site, the elderly may enjoy basic medical services, including transmission of vital signs to the

  company’s various telephone desks. In addition, nursing services will be provided, which are to include

  taking vital signs when necessary and tracking of drug taking.
  When necessary, individuals will be referred for further care by their attending physician.


 Meals and rest –
  Lunch services that match age and medical condition of diners, as well as a provision for a noon rest,

  will be offered at the center.


Private protected housing

Will be based on 24 hours services for independent elderly and also those who need intensive nursing care.

The service will be provided on a basis of lodging + full support for all needs, and is to include:

• Dining services.
 Social life.

Two options will be offered for elderly residents and their families, according to need:

24/7 service, including weekends.
24/7 service, not including weekends – for cases in which the customer chooses to leave to join his family.