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Aging at home

Aging at home (Enlarge)

Aging in place - comprehensive services at home


Studies show that the safest place for senior citizens is their home-

Natali has developed solutions allowing them to continuously

maintain their quality of life at home. 

This creates a viable alternative for keeping their routine and

comfortable life style without having to uproot them from familiar

surroundings and their families,

whilst offering them the possibly of continuing to function within their family and society.

The services provided by Natali allow seniors to continue

functioning in an ordinary manner without imposing on or burdening their children. This gives them a chance to stay in a

familiar, supportive environment, with the support of their families and community.

Our service includes - housekeeping, cleaning, laundry and varied medical services at home,

safety sensors that can be installed around the house, security and assistance services,

social activities and more.



The service includes:

 Housekeeping services - house cleaning, installation and repair services, meal preparation,

  laundry services, and more.
 Medical services – emergency and ongoing daily medical needs, medication monitoring and administration.

 Smart sensors for daily routine pattern combine with artificial Intelligence software.
 Social services – a weekly social visit, group social activities.
 Other services - daily contact, safety and security services


Benefits for the seniors:

 Addresses and answers medical emergency’s
 Addresses and answers ongoing daily medical needs
 Mental and spiritual support
 Housekeeping support


Benefits for the senior's family:

 Supports families in care of the elderly, shares responsibility
 A more affordable option
 No need for a major financial investment in real estate