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Emergency and assistance call center

 Panic Button 
A mobile in house (water resistant) button + hub installed in the subscriber's home enabling  direct communication with the emergency center without having to dial .   
 Natali DEKT 

Wireless phone (with a base unit) that is implemented on a DECT technology, perfectly fitted to the needs of the elderly and is integrating a digital emergency panic button inside.

In addition, the portable wireless extension enables answering regular phone calls and transmitting a panic signal in emergencies, directly from the portable unit (pendant). When the panic signal is activated, the system will transfer it to the company's emergency call center.

Advanced telephone Panic Button

One unit combines a telephone and panic button.

The machine is especially designed for the blind and hard of hearing.


• New smart panic system based on over 20 years of knowledge

• User friendly and easy to install
• Supports up to 8 wireless sensors such as smoke, water, gas, door detectors etc.

• Silent alerts are sent to the center, ensuring the device is functioning properly
• Local alerts to help the user and center identify emergencies

 Smartphone for seniors

• Panic button connected to the Natali Call Center.
• Remote weak battery warning.
• Satellite locating system
• Burst in call
• Including family member
• Unique touch screen interface